Canadian Tire Virtual Tree Decorator
Canadian Tire Virtual Tree Decorator

Canadian Tire
turns 100!

To wrap up our year of centennial celebrations, we’ve whipped up something extra-special for Christmas: our Virtual Tree Decorator. It’s a virtual reality experience that lets you experiment with Christmas tree decor online and bring your dream tree to life. Design your magical Christmas tree online, then head to your local Canadian Tire to pick up a package full of everything you need to make it a reality — or have it delivered!

Here’s how it works.

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Welcome to the Tire-Verse Play

Design your dream tree

In the Canadian Tire Virtual Tree Designer, creating a breathtaking tree just takes a few clicks. Blast the Dean Martin, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, and start designing. Choose from a wide range of Canadian Tire Christmas decorations, test out new Canvas ornaments, add a Christmas tree skirt, experiment with Noma pre-lit Christmas trees, try out a tree colour you’ve never dared to — white Christmas tree, anyone? — or stick to the Christmas classics.

Purchase your bespoke

When you’re happy with your personalized tree, from the tinsel to the Christmas tree topper, you can order the tree and the ornaments and use your design as a blueprint to make magic happen in your living room. Your Canadian Tire Christmas tree, plus every decoration you’ve selected, will be ready for pickup or delivery — so you can focus on everything else on your Christmas to-do list. 

Purchase Your Bespoke Tree
Be Rewarded With an NFT for figuring out the mystery

Discover the mystery side quest and win a prize.

While you’re designing your perfect Christmas tree, click around and explore our virtual world of Christmas. You’ll find an extra-festive Christmas mission that can award you a bonus gift for your household this year. If you unravel the puzzle, you could win a limited-edition 100th anniversary NFT. It’s a new type of digital collectible for you to keep, gift, or bring with you on your journey into the metaverse.

What is an NFT?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are an emerging type of digital art that can take the form of illustrations, photos, music, video clips — basically, any art form that can be enjoyed online. Canadian artists like Adam Jarvis, Josh Hy, and Celine Hajjar create NFTs and sell them online through blockchain technology, and collectors buy them to support the artists and own a piece of their work


Born in Canada to Lebanese parents, I grew up surrounded by artists (my dad!!), music, and Middle Eastern Grace - all of which formed the basis of NAFSI. I have sketchbooks that date back to 15+ years ago, and always had an eye for a quick thrift flip. Today, I am beyond grateful that I get to make custom art, clothing, luxury pieces, and learn a whole lot through NAFSI.

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SumArtist (Paul Glyn-Williams) is a Toronto based visual artist and conceptual project designer. He takes an unspecialized approach to creating his work by using an eclectic range of experience in countless mediums, to transform creative ideas and concepts into perspective shifting works of art.

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Olya is a 3D and Generative Designer. After graduating from Global Affairs, she followed her passion and embarked on a new artistic journey, loving every moment of it. Olya does 3D, environmental design and architecture in the Metaverse. Her style is explorative, but she has an affinity for creating fluidity and curvature in her designs. Simply, the beauty of life and nature is what inspires her.

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Vectorvault (aka. Adam Jarvis)
Vectorvault (aka. Adam Jarvis)

For over 30 years, Adam Jarvis has been creating digital art in Toronto under his artistic persona: Vectorvault. As a celebrated Creative Director, he has worked with some of world’s most exciting brands and artists. Recognized by Canada Council for the Arts as an official Canadian Digital Visual Artist, he continues to produce acclaimed NFTs that punctuate moments on the blockchain forever.

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Josh Hy is a mixed media digital artist based in Toronto, descended from Jamaica. His self taught creative journey started at the age of 9 inspired by his father. Inspirational Purity is his core philosophy. The art must be created from a personal seed of authenticity, that sparks inner inspiration in both the artist and the viewer, allowing for incomparable creations to empower.

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Have Questions?

Great customer service is important to us. If you don’t find what you need in our FAQ,
please contact us contact us – we’re more than happy to help.

Yes, the VR Tree Decorator experience is family friendly. However, we do recommend supervising children parental supervision for younger children, especially when using the VR app. We also recommend taking the reins when it’s time to place an order, enter payment details, or enter crypto wallet details for claiming the NFT prize.

Yes! We provide an option where you can specify the dimensions of your existing tree and use it as a placeholder and decorate using our Canvas ornaments before you buy them. Once you're ready to checkout, your order will only contain your decorations that’ll look perfect on your tree.

Once you’ve placed your order, you can monitor its status just like any other order at using the information provided in your order confirmation email. If you’re having trouble with your order, you can contact Customer Support for further assistance on 1-866-SHOP-CTR (1-866-746-7287)

The ornament assortment on the Canadian Tire VR Tree Decorator experience is just a glimpse into the vast collection you can find at our stores. If you’re looking to purchase something that can’t be found in the VR Tree Decorator experience, please visit your local store or check out to place an order. 

The VR Tree Decorator will be updated with the available inventory for your closest Canadian Tire location, so you’ll be able to keep track of availability as you decorate.

But if we do run out of something, or if you switch store locations at checkout, you can always look in-store or online for a substitute. We carry over 800 ornaments, so we know you’ll find something you love!

Once you’re done designing your perfect tree, you’ll be given an option to place an order within the experience or checkout later. When you proceed to checkout, enter your shipping and payment details to place the order like you would in any other online shopping platform. If you want to checkout later, we’ll email you a link to your cart on that you access for 14 days, and you can complete the order when the time is right.

When you first open the VR Tree Decorator, we’ll automatically set you up with the Canadian Tire closest to you. Once you’ve decorated your tree, you’ll have the option of changing Canadian Tire locations before checking out.

Remember that different locations may have different decoration availability.

The VR Tree Decorator lets you plan your perfect tree, and our store associates take the hassle out of shopping by getting your order ready to pick up or ship it to you. But as for the actual decorating–we’ve left the best part for you.

Yes. If you’re ready for checkout, but want to make some last-minute changes, you can add and remove ornaments directly on the tree to modify your cart.

While you can’t design multiple trees at once, there’s no limit to the number of times you can use the VR Tree Decorator. Every time you design a tree, if you’re not quite ready to checkout, you can choose to checkout later and you’ll receive an email that lets you return to your cart at Once you're ready, you can go ahead and checkout with whichever order you choose.

You can access the VR Tree Decorator through your web browser without downloading anything. If you want to use the Decorator on your smartphone or Meta Quest (Oculus) headset, you can download the app through the App Store, Google Play Store, and Oculus Store.

No. You can also access the virtual tree editor using your smartphone or web browser. 

While looking through our huge selection of Canvas Christmas ornaments, you can select your favourites to add to the easy-access ornament palette. Once you’ve filled up your palette, your selections will be right there at the edge of the screen, so you can access them without having to search through our inventory.

Once you’ve found all the clues, you’ll receive an 8 digit code that lets you enter a contest for a chance to win an NFT!

The VR Tree Decorator gives you access to 150 unique decorations from Canadian Tire’s Canvas brand. But we have over 800 options in store and online. So if you can’t find what you're looking for in the VR Tree Decorator, odds are we have what you need in our regular inventory.

To move the camera in the web-based version of the VR Tree Decorator, just move your mouse within the virtual decorator.

Yes! Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you’ll be able to find the app in your phone’s app store. Simply download it and start designing. If you don’t have a smartphone, try the web experience and design your tree on your computer’s online browser, like Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

You can simply tap on an ornament that’s placed on the tree to remove it. If you want to use the same ornament again, you can add it back to the palette and drag it back on to the tree.

To move the camera in the smartphone app, use the onscreen controls located on the right-hand side of the screen. Just tap and drag in the direction you want to turn the camera.

Once you find an ornament you like, you can select it and add it to your palette. From there, just click (browser) or tap (smartphone) the ornament and drag it onto the tree.

If you think you see a clue in the Virtual Environment, all you need to do is move the camera to look at it, then click or tap to activate it.

You can remove an ornament from the tree by simply picking it out, like you would do in real life. You can toss away the ornament or just let it drop, don’t worry you won’t be breaking anything!

If you’re using a VR headset, just look around like you normally would. The camera will follow your head movements.

Use your left hand to pick up decorations from the pallete and place them on the tree. The available anchor points will automatically light up when your hand is close to them and you can choose to place the ornament on any of them.

If you’re using a VR headset, just look around like you normally would. The camera will follow your head movements. 

If you’re using the VR decorator, you will be able to add ornaments to your pallet on your left hand and use your right hand to pick up decorations from the pallet and move them to the tree.

Once you complete all the challenges, you will see an 6-digit code that you can click to go to NFT redemption portal and find out if you are one of 100 lucky winners to receive an NFT.

Please ensure you have completed all the steps after entering your 6-digit code. Once you follow through the steps and submit the confirmation form, you should see the NFT in your wallet within 48 hours.

Don’t fret! Once you are eligible to claim an NFT, you have 72 hours to create a wallet and share the wallet id and complete the subsequent steps before it is transferred to your wallet.

You will be required to provide an email address so we can email you your unique 8-digit code so you never have to remember it! You can simply click the link provided in the email to be led to the NFT redemption site where you can find out if your code won you an NFT or not.

Congratulations on being the owner of one of our 100 exclusive NFTs! Now that you have a super rare NFT, you can either keep it as memorabilia or transfer it to someone else.